PComPartner got a great experience of designing software systems, especially on embedded platforms, in real-time environments.
PComPartner have been involved in a number of projects for designing issues.
PComPatner usually takes a leading role in architecturally related issues.
Since several years PComPartner have also designed systems and implement functionality for test and verifying purposes both for software applications and hardware constructions.

PComPartner has as policy to be a working colleague, very humble and easy company to cooperate with.

PComPartner develops/enhancements an existing card reader software system to a more general and maintenance friendlier system. This is done through lifting the software up from assembler to a general and object oriented C written system. The customer is Cale Access AB, a leading company for parking payment and other building access systems.

PComPartner participate through a 2 year assignment in the ongoing development of the Ericsson mobile platform at Ericsson Mobile Platform AB, EMP at Lund Sweden. Embedded technology with object oriented C and Java2/EE/ME and ARM processors

PComPartner gets an order from Banverket to develop an application for import of RP570 protocol logged hexdata format in .txt files to FTE:s FTS4 Control and Serial Test analyzers for decoded presentation by help of the already existing RP570 decoder.
Delivery done 2007-02-22. The application will be a new product within the PCTS product family called PCTS-Live Import.

PComPartner AB gets a 10 month assignment at Ericsson AB in Älvsjö, Stockholm for development of the CPP platform for RBS (Radio Base Station) in a project called Micro CPP which contains both ATM and IP communication in the Mobile Radio Network.
The work consisted of design and architecture issues as well as implementation and tests, writing test scripts in TCL, on driver level within the ATM component for AAL2 and AAL5 protocols.
The driver was communicating with an NP (Network Processor) from Wintegra for interfacing the ATM AAL2, AAL5 terminating and to/from internal Ethernet converting functionality in the NP, for the RO (Resource Object) layer.

Keywords: C, TCL, OSE, Eclipse IDE, Clear Case, Power PC processor

PComPartner get a new assignment from the train manufactor ,Bombardier AB for implementing of a new serial protocol for communication with a new GSM Train Radio. Besides that a ew platform was developed for serial protocol adding and also protocol decoders was developed based on the FTE platform.
Keywords: C, WxWorks, MTPE inhouse IDE,TRACS, MS Source Safe Power PC processor
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