Basic products needed for analyzing, simulation and controlling. All FrontLine Test System(FTS) products from FrontLineTest Equipment (FTE inc.) briefly presented below, are alternatives for running the PComPartner analyzing decoders.

PCTS-FTS4Control from FTE
An alternative for customers who wants to run PCompartner decoders as well as over 20 other industrial protocol decoders included in this package. Media includes both ethernet network different buses and asynchronouse com ports. For more information go to FTE:s or BEON Communication WEB site.

PCTS-STA. Serial Test Analyzer from FTE
STA is a product from FTE for use on asynchronouse communication devices only.
It is an alternative for users that only needs analyzing on asynchronouse com. ports and running decoders from PComPartner for protocols running on asynchronouse medias.

For more information go to FTE:s or BEON Communication WEB site.

PCTS-Ethertest from FTE
Ethertest is a product from FTE that analyzes ethernet network traffic. Included are decoders for all common Ethernet network protocols, such as TCP/IP, UDP etc.
This is an alternative for running decoders from PComPartner for protocols running on Ethernet protocols.

For more information go to FTE:s or BEON Communication WEB site.

PCTS-BASE. Basic Application
This is the stand alone basic application executable either on a PC, Win2000,WinXP or on the embedded system RTP.
It can be configured and delivered for analyzing, simulating or as a controller or any other combination of these options for your particular process communication type and need.
The configuration can either be delivered with an configuration file that can be changed only by PComPartner or, by adding the CMP product, be managed by you.

PCTS-CMP. Configuration Management Parameterize
With CMP you can build a test data base for simulation purposes, configure simulation test cases, assign protocols to ports and set run time parameters such as portspeed, time outs, retransmisions according to each ports choice of protocols need.

You also configure wether the PCTS-BASE shall be able to run in analyze mode, simulation mode or act as a controller or any other combination of these three options.
Due to the ordered options possibilities the CMP can set in run time which of the modes that shall be enabled,disabled.

PCTS-RTP. Real Time Platform
The RTP is needed when all performance of analyzing or simulating must be performed in real time or acting as a controller .
It is a FPGA based unit with the latest technology within the embedded world connected to a host PC through either an USB or Ethernet connection.
In its simpliest hardware configuration it has one connection each of these communication poosibilities and two RS232,RS485 ports.
The PCTS-BASE is then executing on the RTP platform as an server application and in a host PC as an client application.
At connection the choosen configuration is downloaded automatically and stored in a non volatile memory(Flash).

PCTS-CMI. Configuration Management Implementation
This is an advanced tool usually used only by PComPartner when a new configuration file must be created used by the PCTS-BASE application for implementation of a new protocol.

However, for advanced users familiar with protocol implementations and behavior, the tool is available for licensing on negotiated terms.

Contact PComPartner for more information.

PCTS-LIMP. Live Import
Live Import is a tool that does an import to FTS4Ctrl or Serial Test FTS FTE product of earlier logged data on different types of files in different raw data formats such as for instance hex representation.
You can also choose to import raw data from a streaming on a network.

Adding of new types of files and data formats and data sources can be done very quick and easy to reasonible prices. Contact PComPartner for more information.

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