Simplify your process communication integrations with Process Communication Tools System, PCTS, and save 10 times money.
PCTS is a complete concept for data communication analyzing, packet sniffing, protocol analyzing, process simulating and controlling of your process communication.
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Use the PCTS system for process integration problems and do an investment for avoiding problems in the future. Do simulating, commissioning and control with the one and same PCTS-RTP unit.

PCTS Components
Software in PC.
CMP = Configuration Management Parameterize (Communication, Database, Simulation).
CMI = Configuration Management Implementation (Protocol implementation tool).
BASE = Basic Software System configured to be an Analyzer (A), Simulator (S) or Controller (C) or any combination.
LIMP = Live Import of logged raw data in files or from network streamed data on different kinds of formats for presentation in FTS4Ctrl or Serial Test through existing decoders or adding new decoders as needed.

Communication possibilities
Communication interfaces between PC and RTP (Real Time Platform) when real time performance is required. The possibilities are Internet, LAN, WAN, WLAN and USB.

Software in RTP
BASE = Basic Software System.
Configured to be an Analyzer (A), Simulator (S) or Controller (C) or any other combination of these.

PComPartner is developing and marketing the product family Process Communication Tools System PCTS. It is built on the main idea that communication protocols implementation should only be a matter of configuration. PCTS will thereby be a very priceworth product without reducing the software quality.

The products will solve the integration and maintenance problems within the industrial control systems, process communication in a new and revolutionary way. The first edition for analyzing purposes is planned to be released within the first quarter of 2010.

We welcome companies to be partners and take part in developing PCTS. Please contact us for a discussion.

Data Communication Analyzers
PComPartner also offers data communication analyzing decoder products and efficiant developing such for the process communication in cooperation with the FTE inc. and BEON AB on the FTE FTS different product packages platforms.

For reducing data communication product development time, expedition of data communication network installations, and minimizing network outages, take part of the advantages of these professional products by placing an order NOW.

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